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Sending a Message Via iOS


To message a member of your course, log in to the Chalkup app for iOS and tap the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.



Once in your overview, tap the messaging icon in the bottom center of your screen. This will take you to your messaging panel. All recent messages will be displayed.




To add to a recent message, tap the message and type the contents of your new message in the text bar. Tap "Send" to send your message.

To send a new message, tap the plus icon in the top right-hand of your message screen. You'll be prompted to search for an individual or a course.



Once you've searched for and selected an individual(s) - or an entire course - to message, tap the name and select the "Go" option in the top right-hand corner. 


This will lead you to a place where you can enter the contents of your message and send.

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