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Adding Courses While in Admin Mode


To manage course enrollments as an Administrator in Chalkup, first confirm that you have administrative access.

This means your school is using Chalkup Pro and you've been granted administrative access to the platform.

You'll navigate to your Admin Dashboard by clicking the "Admin" link in the bottom of your standard Chalkup Dashboard. 



Once in your Admin Dashboard, select "Courses" from your left-hand navigation.


In this view, you'll see an "Add Course" button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

This button will prompt you to all relevant course information, including name, section, description, etc.



Once you've filled in the required fields and created your course, it will appear in your master list of courses.

When you click on the course, you'll be able to edit all course information, add students, and add instructors.




When adding an instructor or student, you'll be prompted to fill in a name of the new addition.

As you type a name, Chalkup will generate options for you to complete the field based on the users associated with your Chalkup account. If a name you are looking for does not appear, we suggest first checking that the user you're trying to add has a Chalkup account. You can do that in the "Users" section of your Admin Dashboard.


 Once you've added users to a course and edited any course information, click the "save changes" button in the top right-hand of your screen.


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