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Creating an Assignment Via iOS


To create an assignment within the Chalkup iOS app, log in to the platform and tap the menu icon in the top left corner.



You will now be in your overview. This section allows you to navigate to all of your courses, settings, messages, and notifications. 





Click on the plus sign (+) in the bottom left corner. This will prompt you to create a new assignment, discussion, or add materials. Click the assignment option.


At the top of the screen you can name the assignment; just below you may add a description.


In the assignment-type drop down menu, you may categorize your assignment (paper, reading, quiz, etc.). You also have the option of adding a new type just below by clicking "+ Add new type." 

Next, you will have the option to upload an image.

This allows you to upload the assignment directly from the Chalkup app. You may either take a photo or upload an existing image from your photo library on your iPhone or iPad. 

Next, you will give students a rough idea of how much time they should spend on the assignment by adjusting the "Estimated Time" option.

You will also choose if you would like the assignment to be graded, mark if you require submissions from students (meaning they'll have to turn work back in), and select if you'd like to grade with annotations. 

You will add the due date and time via drop-down menus. 

Finally, you will select the courses to which you'd like to assign work. Click on each class that should receive the assignment. Now you can assign the same material to multiple classes with one submission. 

Done and done. Happy learning.


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