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Copying a Rubric


Rubrics are a powerful tool inside Chalkup. Sometimes you might need to make adjustments to an existing rubric for a new assignment, but you'd like to keep your original rubric intact.

That's why you have the ability to "Make a copy" of a rubric and edit.  

You'll notice that our rubrics include a "Make a copy" option located under the title.

If you'd like to copy one of your old standbys - or a rubric sent to you by a colleague - and make a few changes to fit your needs, just copy, edit, and apply to your next assignment.


Navigate to the "Rubrics" section of Chalkup by selecting the rubric icon in the lower left-hand corner of your sidebar.  

Choose a rubric from the list. When the window opens, you'll notice a link underneath the title that says "Make a copy". Click that and Chalkup will automatically copy that rubric and rename it as "Copy of _[Rubric Name]_".

Find the new copied rubric, make your edits and attach to a new or existing assignment.



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