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Embedding External Content


Maybe you'd like to bring in that great new resource or a Google Form, or maybe an interesting video.

If it has an HTML embed code, you can paste it into Chalkup in a "Media Discussion."

Open the discussions dropdown menu by clicking the "New Discussion" button in the top right of your screen when in the discussions pane.

(Or click on the + button on the left and choose "New Discussion.")


When you have a blank discussion open, categorize it as a "Media."  


Select the option "have an embed code?" This will open a larger area to paste in your embed code from your external source. 

Example: Copy the below embed code to paste in the discussion creator.

<iframe src="https://quizlet.com/25429072/flashcards/embed" height="410" width="100%" style="border:0"></iframe>


Once you paste in the code click on the "Attach" button and a preview will display below.


Now just choose the class(es) you want to share this discussion and you're all set. Happy embedding.

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