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Getting Started as a Parent


*Parent Access on Chalkup is only available to Chalkup Pro school subscribers*

Parents, first sign up for your free account. Set your email and password, and continue.



Select your role as a "Parent"



The next screen will ask you to enter your name. Then you will be taken to a screen to input your 12-digit Chalkup Parent Access Code. This is a code that you would have obtained from your child's school and is unique to your child's account.

Enter in each code you have. If you have multiple children with Chalkup accounts, enter each code one at a time. Your children will appear under the "My Children" section. Once you've added everyone, continue to the next page by clicking Next.


If you've already proceeded through the sign up flow, you can add additional children by clicking the "+ Add Child" button. Then enter the 12-digit parent access code in the window.

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