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Users, Courses, and Enrollments Bulk Data Import


To get started, we'll need a information from you so we can add your courses, students, and teachers automatically.

We have three sample .CSV files for you to download:

Send us your data in this format and we'll be good to go. 


The data we need is as follows:


Field Name Data Type Description
user_sis_id  text The id of the user in your SIS.
first_name text The first name of the user.
last_name text The last name of the user.
title text The title (e.g Mr., Mrs.) of the user. (Optional)
email text The email address that will be used to sign on and receive alerts.
password text The password for the user to sign in with. (Optional)
display_name text How the users name should appear in Chalkup. (Optional)
role enum One of "Student", "Teacher", "Admin"
status enum "active" or "deleted"



course_sis_id text The id of the course in your SIS.
short_name  text The abbreviation of the course (e.g ENG210).
long_name  text The name of the course (e.g Journalism).
section  text Course section. (Optional)
location  text Location of the course. (Optional)
start_date  date Date the course begins, in the MM/dd/yyyy format.
end_date  date Date the course ends, in MM/dd/yyyy format.



course_sis_id text The id of the course the user will be added to.
user_sis_id text The id of the user to be added to the course.


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