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Creating a Rubric




You can create a new rubric in one of two ways on Chalkup: via your Rubrics homepage, or in the process of creating an assignment.  These two methods are described below. 


Creating a rubric via rubrics homepage

To create a rubric in your "My Rubrics" homepage, simply click on the New Rubric button located at the top of your screen.  This will open up the Rubric Creation Modal, which you can use to build a custom rubric.


Creating a rubric during assignment creation

To create a rubric while you are building an assignment, click on the "Attach Rubric" link in the assignment creation tooltip.  A modal will appear with a list of the rubrics in your collection, as well as a Create a new rubric button.  Click this button to continue to the rubrics creation Rubric Creation Modal.



Using the Rubric Creation Modal

The Rubric Creation Modal is your ultimate tool for creating new rubrics however you see fit. There are a number of customization options to explore, including:

  1. Add custom category weights: Every rubric defaults to equal weighting for each rubric category.  If you'd like to change the category weighting, however, simply click the "Add custom category weights" checkbox located at the top of the modal.  Custom weight boxes will appear in the title cell of each column for you to customize the weights of your categories.
  2. Add/remove rows and columns: You can add and remove as many columns or rows as you like while creating your rubric.  To do so, click on the +/- options next to "Categories" located at the bottom of the modal, or "Rows" located at the top right.
  3. Change column point values: In addition to adding custom weights, you can also change the point values associated with each column.  Simply type in the new number of points in the points text box located in the header of each column.

Almost everything is customizable while creating a rubric, so feel free to click around and explore!

Rubrics without points

You're able to customize your rubric in a way that lets you remove the points entirely. Uncheck the "Use points for grading" checkbox, and the points fields will be removed.

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