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Viewing and Editing Assignments


You can view or edit assignments at any time using the global Assignments Pane.  

To access the Assignments Pane, click on an assignment anywhere in the app, including your Recent Activity feed, your course Home tab, or your course Assignments tab.

When you click on an assignment, more information will slide out from the right-hand side of your screen.


Entering and Editing Assignment Info

All of your assignment info - including name, due-date, type, and description - is located at the top of the assignment pane.  

To edit any of this information, simply click on what you would like to change and begin editing.


Attached Materials

The Attached Materials section is located below the assignment information.  

To upload materials to an assignment, you can drag and drop a file into the Drag-drop area, or click on the file icon to browse files on your computer.  

You can also click the Google Drive icon to select files from your Google Drive.

You can also attach a video or link url to share and attach to your assignment.

**All materials shared in the assignment will automatically be added to your course Materials tab.** 

To view a preview of your file, simply click its icon in the Assignments Pane.  

This will pull up an Material Preview Modal, where you can view and comment on your file.

To remove materials from your assignment, simply click the "x" near the top right of the material in the Assignments Pane.


Editing the Assignment Settings

To edit the original settings of the assignment, click on the gear icon at the top of the assignment viewer. Here, you'll be able to check off if you need to

Require Turn-ins: Lets students know that they need to submit the assignment on Chalkup.

Gradeable: When an assignment is Gradeable, it will show up in your "Grades" tab. Make sure your assignment is marked as gradeable to see your students turn-in submissions.

MarkUp Annotations: With this enabled, you will be able to annotate and draw on the file submissions in the "Grades" tab. 


Amount Turned-in

The Amount Turned-in Gauge allows you to view how many of your students have completed their assignments.  

The gauge works in real time, so don't be surprised if you see it increase while viewing your assignment!


Discussing Assignments

You and your students can discuss your assignment underneath the Discuss this Assignment header.  

You can write and respond to comments, up-vote responses, and even delete inappropriate or unnecessary comments.


Deleting Assignments

Deleting an assignment is as simple as clicking on the Delete Assignment Button located in the header.



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