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[EOL] Annotating Student Work Via MarkUp


**As of January 15, 2018 our annotations provider, Crocodoc (which was acquired by Box.com) has ended their services. Chalkup will unfortunately no longer have annotations capabilities inline at this time until we work towards an alternative.**

In order to use our annotation tools, the assignment you're grading must have MarkUp Annotations enabled. Select the corresponding MarkUp checkbox when you create the assignment.

If the assignment is already created - go to the assignment and click on the Settings (gear) Icon at the top of the assignments window, and select MarkUp Annotations.


To begin annotating a document, select Comment at the top of the screen.



The Comment Toolbar will drop down and give you the ability to create a comment, highlight text, draw, and even add text. 


Creating a Comment:

When clicking the comment drop down bar, you are given three different options, point comment, area comment, or text comment.

    • A point comment is great for making a comment on a specific word, or discussing a section of a math homework.

    • An area comment is great for discussing entire paragraphs of text or a section of a scanned document.

    • A text comment is great for giving feedback for a specific part of a sentence or to point out grammatical errors.


Deleting a Comment:

  • Hover your pointer over the desired comment in the comment sidebar and select Delete.



Drawing on an Assignment:

  • Select Draw in the Comment Toolbar. 
  • You can write comments into your student's assignments by hands and can make drawings onto an assignment with this tool.
  • To remove a drawing, simply hover over the drawing and right-click it.



Highlighting Text:

  • Select Highlight in the Comment Toolbar.
  • You can highlight text anywhere on a document for your students. 
  • By hovering over and right-clicking the highlighted text, you can choose to add a comment to that highlighted text or delete the highlight.



Downloading and Saving Annotated Assignments:

  • After you are done annotating and editing you can download all of the comments and drawings you made on a student's assignment.
  • Select the download button to save all of your work.
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