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Uploading Assignments with Google Drive


To submit work, navigate to the corresponding assignment.

You can click on the assignment in your course calendar, find it in your Look Ahead, or head to the assignments section of your class page.



If you're submitting assignments via Google Drive, look for the Drive icon in the "Turn in Assignment" section.



Once you click the Drive icon, a pop-up window should prompt you to access Drive files and select your assignment. (Ensure your browser allows pop-ups from Chalkup.)



Select the file you'd like to submit and we'll upload it to Chalkup. You'll get a success notification when you're all done and your instructor will see that you've submitted your work.

If you change your mind - or selected the wrong file - click the "x" next to the file that now appears in your assignment submission space. We'll remove the document and you can add the correct file.


For more information on submitting work with Chalkup, watch our guided tour below.

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