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Creating Assignments




  • Simply click on the icon in the left sidebar and choose New Assignment.

  • Input assignment details such as assignment name, assignment description, due date and time, and assignment type.
  • If you teach more than one section you can easily create a new assignment for all of your sections or simply just one of them.

What's a "Gradeable" Assignment on Chalkup?

This means that this assignment will be graded later. Make sure you click this to have this assignment show up in your grading center.

MarkUp Annotations

Do you need to annotate your student's submissions on this assignment? With MarkUp annotations on Chalkup, you can annotate, leave comments, and draw on your student's submissions. 

Require Turn-in's

If you'd like to require your students to turn upload a document for their assignment, check the Require Turn-in's box.  Students can then easily upload a document from their computer or Google Drive to complete the assignment.


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