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Viewing and Submitting an Assignment


Viewing and submitting assignments is made easy with Chalkup's Assignments.  

Click on your assignment anywhere in the app, including the Recent Activity feed, Look Ahead, Calendar, your course's Home tab, and your course's Assignment tab.  

Once you click on the assignment, the pane will slide out from the right side of your screen.

Assignment Info

All of your assignment info - including name, due-date, type, and description - is located at the top of the assignment pane.  

If your teacher changes any of this information, you will instantly receive a notification.

Attached Materials

If your teacher has attached any materials to the assignment, you can find them in the Attached Materials section.  

To view an attached file, click its icon and a materials viewer will appear.

Turning in Assignments

You can turn in an assignment using the file uploader in the Turn-in Assignment section.  

Simply drag and drop a file from your computer to the upload section, or click the Google Drive icon. You can also submit Links and Videos using the corresponding icons. 

Once you've uploaded your file, you'll receive a success checkmark and the assignment is counted as submitted.

Discussing Assignments

You can discuss your assignment with your teacher and classmates underneath the Discuss this Assignment header.  

You can write and respond to comments and up-vote your classmates' responses.

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