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Using Folders


Managing Folders

If you prefer to use folders to stay organized, it’s possible to create folders by selecting the “create folder” option in the top right of your screen.

Folders can be renamed and deleted in the same way - just click on the doc and look for your options in the materials header. To add documents to a folder, a drag and drop will do it.


Moving files/folders

  • To move a folder, or move a file into a folder, simply click and drag your folder/file to your desired destination.


Moving Documents Out of a Folder 

To move documents out of a folder, drag and drop your file to the desired location within the breadcrumb found at the top left of your screen.

(i.e. if you would like to move a file from within one folder to go back to the root folder; drag the file on to where it says "Materials" and drop it when it highlights in dark blue)

Renaming folders or files:

  • Click inside the file/folder row and a list of options will appear at the top in the Header choose Rename and type in a new name of the file/folder.



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