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Materials Management: Renaming, Downloading, & Deleting


Sharing resources is a huge part of class collaboration. That’s why every class has a material library associated with it. 

Adding Materials

To add materials, navigate to the appropriate class, and then select “materials.”

As the instructor of this course, you can add files by dragging and dropping them into the materials pane. You can also add resources from your computer, Google Drive, links to online resources, and videos using the buttons in the top right of your screen.


Download, Rename, or Delete

To change an uploaded material, click anywhere on the file. The options “rename,” “download,” and “delete” will appear in the header of the materials page.



Managing Folders

If you prefer to use folders to stay organized, it’s possible to create folders by selecting the “create folder” option in the top right of your screen.

Folders can be renamed and deleted in the same way - just click on the doc and look for your options in the materials header. To add documents to a folder, a drag and drop will do it.

To move documents out of a folder, drag your files to the desired location within the breadcrumb found at the top left of your screen.



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