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Using Google Drive with Chalkup


Chalkup is fully integrated with Google Drive so you and your students can work on assignments anywhere you want! Using Google Drive makes it quick and simple to view, upload, and organize all of your documents on Chalkup.


Google Drive and assignments:

  • To begin, you must create a new assignment. If its your first time, check it how to create one here!
  • Once the assignment is created, upload your material by selecting Upload from Google Drive. 

Google Drive and materials:

  • Select Materials in the Course Navigation bar.
  • To upload materials from your Google Drive, select Upload from Google Drive

Authenticating access to Google Drive:

  • If you have never uploaded files to Chalkup from Google Drive before, you need to allow permission for Chalkup to do so.
  • After selecting Upload from Google Drive. A prompt will appear asking to allow for permission to access and use files from your Google Drive
  • Select Accept
  • Select your files that you choose to upload and now all of your students will have access to them on Chalkup!



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