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Joining a Course (as a student) When You're a Teacher


f you're already a Teacher, teaching other courses on Chalkup – you might not know that you can join a course as a student yourself. Maybe you would like to join a course another teacher has created, like for professional development or teacher community courses.  

Here's how you do it. 


1. First, select "COURSES" in your sidebar navigation.

2. If you're a teacher you should see 2 buttons at the top of your "My Courses" page. Click the "Join a Course" button.

3. Enter the 6-digit Chalkup Course Code – you can get this from the Teacher that started the course you are trying to join (more info here).

Once you've entered the code, you're all done! You will now be enrolled as a student in the course (even though you still have teacher privileges in your other courses.






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